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Tempered Tinted Glass

Tinted Tempered Glass

Tinted Tempered Glass is a type of Tinted Glass / Panasap hardened by heating to a temperature of around 700 * C and then cooled suddenly by spraying air completely on two glass surfaces. From this process, there is a physical change in the glass to form the force and tensile force on the glass, but there is no visual change.

Advantages of Tinted Tempered Glass, the glass's strength has been increased 3-5 times compare with Float glass, the color on the glass can also absorb some of the sun's heat (with an average absorption capacity of 55%) increasing cooling capacity and providing a privacy and comfortable for residents inside building.

Tinted Tempered Glass consists of various colors and levels of compatibility to suit your tastes and needs. You can check directly through the catalog below.

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