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Kaca Tempered Stopsol - Dark Blue 5mm
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Sell Kaca Tempered Stopsol - Dark Blue 5mm

Specification of Kaca Tempered Stopsol - Dark Blue 5mm

Tempered Stopsol Glass

Tempered Stopsol Glass is a type of glass coated with a thin transparent coating of metal oxidation as a reflecting layer through the pyrolysis process.

Advantages This Stopsol glass has durability and quality appearance that is constant at all times, reflects light and heat and provides a luxurious appearance. Although this type of glass reflects most of the light and solar energy, it still has good light transmission.

• Tempered Stopsol Glass colors available: Dark Blue, Euro Gray, Green, Blue Green

• Minimum size of tempered glass: 300 x 300 mm

• Maximum size of tempered glass: 2800 x 6000 mm

Usage recommendations

• For openings (windows)

• For all types of glass walls

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