Tempered Laminated Glass

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Tempered Laminated Glass

Sell ​​Tempered and Laminated Glass

CV. Green Mile Indonesia is a company that issued on aluminum and glass production, which is also used in 2011. The company started for more aluminum and glass work for the housing and shopping segment. Along with the development of capital, experts and management of the company, we began to penetrate the segment of multi-storey buildings such as (Shop, Apartment, Mall, and Shoping Center). By combining professionalism and competitive pricing we present to the world of construction business. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are important to us. After approximately 2 years, our work has reached some areas in Indonesia, namely Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali and Java.

Laminated Glass is a glass with a high level of security and protection against residents. if something happens that causes the breakage of this laminated glass will not be scattered, but only cracked and very difficult to penetrate.


Laminated Glass consists of the composition of one or more sheets of polyphenyl film which is transparent, flexible and very strong with one or more float glass sheets and joined together by heating and pressing process. The polifinil used is very granular, distortion free, not wrinkled, and will not reduce the glass transparency properties. laminated glass is also resistant to moisture and heat. Thus laminated glass is a very precise material for transparent materials are safe.


General Characteristics


Laminated glass fragments will not fall or splatter, but remain attached to the film and the glass remains attached to the chassis.


Laminated glass that has been broken, will be difficult to penetrate by humans, thus providing a very high level of security for residents (anti-burglar).

With various combinations of the type and color of glass with color polifinil film, it can be obtained various types and colors of laminated glass that can vary widely.




For glass roofs, sky lights and others, where undesirable glass ruins if broken.

For display cabinets of valuables (anti-theft).

For special uses such as for motor vehicles (cars, trains, ships and aircraft) water tanks, large aquariums, bulletproof glass and others.

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