Kaca Tempered Tinted/Panasap (Euro Grey) 6mm

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08 Jun 2023
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Sell ‚Äč‚ÄčTempered and Laminated Glass

CV. Green Mile Indonesia is a company focused on the production of aluminum and glass, officially and legally incorporated on January 2011. The company initially stood focused on aluminum and glass work for the housing and shopping segment. along with the development of capital, experts and management of the company, we began to explore the multi-storey building segments such as (Shops, Apartments, Malls, and Shoping Centers). By combining professionalism and competitive prices we are present in the construction business world. Low price guarantee, quality and customer satisfaction remain a major concern for us. After approximately 2 years, our work has reached several regions in Indonesia, including the regions of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali and Java. Tinted Glass is a float glass which is colored by adding a little coloring metal such as cobalt, iron, selenium and others on the glass raw material.

General Characteristics

With the provision of color, Tinted Glass will have the ability to absorb some of the sun's heat (an average absorption capacity of 55%) so that it will reduce the cooling load and provide comfort for the occupants of the building.

Available Tinted Glass colors: Dark Blue (clean and bright), Euro Gray and Dark Gray (graceful and relaxed), Bronze (beautiful golden), Green, Blue Green (calm and natural)

Because the ability to pass light averaging 45% is much lower than Clear Glass, the dazzling lights can be reduced to a softer and low translucency, so that throughout the day, where the lighting level outside is brighter than in buildings, glass this color can protect the privacy of its inhabitants.


Exterior of various buildings from houses, to tall buildings, either around glass windows or as glass protectors

Interior: furniture, partitions and others

Other decorations.


The thicker the Tinted Glass glass, the darker the color and the higher the heat absorption level. for this reason, it is necessary to provide sufficient supervision when installing and maintaining.

For the use of Tinted Glass where the possibility of cracking is because the temperature is easy to occur, especially the type of Dark Gray glass please note the thickness of the glass used.

In cutting glass, good and clean pieces must be produced, free of scratches and then need to be rubbed by the sander at a level of 120 mesh or more.

It must be endeavored that the glass attached to the frame does not come in direct contact with the frame.

Avoid AC outlets that directly blow cold air into the glass area continuously.

Avoid direct glass contact with curtains or furniture placement on glass walls that can cause heat accumulation.

Clean the glass regularly 2-3 months in areas with high air pollution or when exposed to cement water every 1 month to prevent alkaline effects.

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