Kaca Tempered Tinted/Panasap (Blue Green) 6mm

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08 Jun 2023
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We Provide ​​Various Types of Glass

CV. Green Mile Indonesia is a company engaged in Glass industry which provide Tinted Glass, Curved Glass, Tempered Glass, Coating Glass, Laminated Glass and Silicon Glass since 2011.



People usually call it Rayban Glass (for black tinted glass). The process is giving color to plain glass (float glass) so that Tinted Glass will have the ability to absorb some of the sun's heat up to 55%. It can reduce load of Air Conditioner in the room and give privacy for the occupants of the building.


Tinted Glass available in : Dark Blue, Euro Gray and Dark Gray, Bronze, Gren, Blue Green

Advatages using Tinted Glass

The advantage of tinted glass is has a pretty good ability to withstand heat. This glass can make cooler room despite the sun. The thicker the glass, the darker the color and the more heat it absorbs.


Usage recommendations

Exterior of various buildings e.x : homes, buildings, around the glass window or as a protective glass

Interior: furniture, partitions and others

Other decorations.


Usage Note

For the use of Tinted Glass where the possibility of cracking due to temperature easily occurs, especially the Dark Gray glass type, please note the thickness of the glass used.

If you want to cutting glass, make sure it has good and clean pieces, free from scratches and then need to be rubbed by the sander at a 120 level mesh or more.

Avoid AC outlets that directly blow cold air into the glass field continuously.

Avoid direct contact with the curtain or the placement of furniture on the glass wall that can cause heat accumulation.

Clean glass regularly 2-3 months in areas with high air pollution or if exposed to cement water every 1 month to prevent the occurrence of alkaline effects.


Besides Tinted Glass / Color Glass, We also provide various other types of Glass such as Tempered Glass, Curved Glass, Clear Glass, Ice Glass and Silicon Glass.

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